Organic Bites showcase a range of Danish organic food concepts, perfected for quick heat-and-serve and easy thaw-and-serve. With very little effort and time, you can prepare and serve a great choice of tasty treats for your guests.

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Why Organic Bites?

Easy, tasty and organic

At Easyfood DanishBakery, we believe that food on the go should be easy, tasty and organic. We showcase a range of organic food concepts, perfected for quick heat-and-serve and easy thaw-and-serve. All food concepts are made with additive-free ingredients sourced from organic farms and trusted suppliers.



Organic Bites is a shared organization of organic food producers in Denmark. Our mission is to share knowledge about organic food concepts and meals. Together, we have years of experience developing and producing convenience products for clients all over Europe.

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Certified organic

We solely use pure, organic ingredients without any harmful additives.

On top of new trends

We stay ahead of consumer demand and keep an eye on exciting trends.

It's Easy As That

The demand for fresh and healthy food options is on the rise, and with Organic Bites you can quickly serve meals that rival that best fast casual and quick-serve restaurants.

Fresh on demand

Taste and freshness are consistent across all dayparts, allowing you to keep your food display full and appealing all through the day.

Complete solution

Versatile meal concepts that can be implemented into your existing setup, all while eliminating the waste of expensive ingredients and time consuming coordination with suppliers.

Increase your profits

Thaw-and-serve products have a longer shelf life, and with organic meal solutions, you can charge as much as 50-100% more than on typical snack items.


In less than 2 minutes, you can prepare and serve complete meal options for your customers and gain a significant competitive advantage.

Easy to customize

You have the option of adding your own ingredients and toppings, so you can offer unique meal options that appeal to your local customer base.

Easy handling

Heat-and-serve and thaw-and-serve solutions require little handling. You can also choose pre-packaged snack solutions.